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Monday, 30 June 2014

Complicated Pre-production

Well, Complicated Pleasures is now in pre-production.  It's up in three weeks time (today!) and I've got a week and a half to get props, sound cues, lighting cues, costumes etc. as together as can be prior to the final push, which is where those pesky actors get involved.  (Actors, they always have to get in on plays, what's with that?  It's so much easier in my head.)
The rehearsal stage is what I'm calling, to quote a phrase, A Nine Days Wonder.  It's nine days from start (a read through) to finish (performance - duh!)  So everything has to be ready for that first day.  Pre-production also means one-to-one meetings with each of the cast, not only to go over the technical side of the show, but to talk through how scenes work and even (drifting into rehearsal territory) talking about character.  But basically, because time is precious in those nine days, I don't want to start fielding questions from people about the basic set up when group time cannot be wasted.
So far I've met up with the fantastic Annie Eddington to talk about her character, Katy.  She's a fixer, a doer, who facilitates my character, Matthew, in spending his vast wealth.  She is also part of a double act and has some of the funniest lines in the play.  Well, I thought so, when we went over it the other day.  It is astounding how much you forget about a play in the months / years since you wrote it.  Full of stuff I don't remember.  And lots of embarrassing typos - which somehow got through the read through stage a couple of years ago.  Most distressing.  I spelled route, as in the route you take somewhere, as root.  KILL ME NOW!  Other odd discrepancies like though being typed as thought make me suspicious of my computer - it's systematic throughout the text.  Once might be considered a misfortune, twice looks like aggressive microsoft grammar settings.
Following the meet with Annie, I started to pre-block the show.  I don't normally do this, not this thoroughly, but I need to give clear instructions as the show rehearses.  It will change, but the basic steps should now be clear.  The final scene will almost certainly devolve into a bus queue, but I don't see any way round it at this stage.  It's a bitch of a scene to get right.  Seriously, who wrote it.  Oh yes.  Me.  I hate past Robert sometimes, he's always trying to trip future Robert up.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lateness of the Trolls

Or perhaps I should call this post, lateness of everything.  I haven't posted anything of substance for a while because I hit a crunch period.  You can tell this because my posts petered out and they started sounding a bit... depressed.  I was tired, I was worn out, I needed a rest - but I was in the middle of performing in three different shows, almost all at once, as well as all the other planning of stuff.  So, I had a bit of a reboot this weekend and am now back in the room, as the hip kids say, in some other universe.
Which brings us to Trolls.  Didn't I say there would be a new episode of Trolls, every week, on a Wednesday, without fail?
Well, two things changed that prompted a change of plan.
1. I had got to the ending quicker than planned (for Lost Tribe anyway) and...
2. Audioboo, whom host the audio stuff I do, extended the length of free boos from 3 minutes to 10.
Despite claims to the contrary on an earlier blog, the three minute length of episode was cramping my style.  It was just that little too short, ruining cliffhangers and generally being unsatisfactory.  I was also finding the strict timeline a bit frustrating at crunch moments, as I had to rush some episodes out.
So, tomorrow (touch wood) the last episode of Lost Tribe of the Trolls will be released and then I'll be releasing episodes of the next story Paper Moon Trolls in a more holistic, bi-weekly ish set of 6-10 minute long episodes.
But for now, it's off to work on Complicated Pleasures which you will hear more about very soon!